New business generation

corvallis  oregon

What is Corvallis NBG?

We are a network of local business owners and managers who come together every Tuesday morning at 7:15 to build a community of partnership by making referrals to local businesses we trust!

Visit Us!

We invite you to attend a meeting and see what we are all about. Corvallis NBG allows only one of each business category to participate in the group at any given time. Similar businesses may join if they focus on different aspects of a category. If your business does cross over with another member’s business please refrain from advertising that portion of your business at with group. People do come and go, so even if your spot is taken, there may be an opening in the future.



If you are interested in joining our group please reach out to Moriah Longwell at 509-420-0041 to join our next meeting as a guest! From there you are able to apply for membership. We reserve membership to one business per category to avoid conflict of interests in referring between businesses. If you would like to join our group but your category is filled, you are able to be waitlisted and contacted once that category opens.


By utilizing our members’ services, you can:

  • Deal with owners and top management officials directly.
  • Get to know a vendor with a working relationship.
  • Be treated as the important and valuable person that you are.
  • Be confident that you will be treated fairly and equitably by all members.
  • Invest in your local economy by using local businesses.



Join us Early Tuesday Mornings!

We’re growing and we’d love to see if you and we are a fit!

Our Zoom Room opens at 7:05 a.m. for Play Breaks and Free Chat
The Meeting begins at 7:15 a.m.


This New Business Generation group is an amazing group of people who genuinely invest in their community, and the people and businesses of Corvallis. I’m so grateful to have been a part of this group for so long.

Talus Fritze-Moor

Member, Whimsy Supper Club

Corvallis NBG isn’t just a networking group…it’s an amazing community of women and men who champion each others business and support each others lives..”

Joel Varner

Marketing Coordinator, TnT Builders, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it All Works!


We welcome a wide variety of businesses into our group. The essential focus that the business needs to have is helping others. We also only allow one business per category to be a member of the group at one time. If your business category is currently filled, you can get onto the waitlist. Please get in touch if you’re not sure whether we would accept your category!


Right here! Click on THIS LINK to download a PDF version of our Bylaws.

What is the process to become a member?
Potential members will join us for two of our weekly meetings as a guest before completing our official member application. We will ask our current members if there are any objections, and if the applicant’s business has any conflicts with our current members’ businesses. Our board members will conduct a vote whether to approve or deny the application.
How is the group managing meetings in covid time?
At the beginning of the pandemic we held our weekly meetings solely on Zoom. After the vaccine became widely available and State laws began to change, we have a hybrid in-person and Zoom meeting. If anyone has been feeling sick or had a recent Covid exposure they are not to come in-person to our meetings.

Most Tuesdays 7:15am to 8:15am

Guests may visit 2 times

7:15am – Welcome. Motivational Moment. 

7:20a – Introductions (start with Pres, Vice Pres, Secretary, Treasurer, Past Pres) Each member is given  30 seconds to introduce themselves, give a “tag line” or announce a special promotion their business is offering. g. 

7:35a – Attendance/Honorable Mentions

7:40a – Spotlight Speaker

7:55a – Shoutouts/Thank you for business

8:00a – Networking for 2

8:05a – Sharing/Announcements

8:10a – closing – Next meeting and Next Speaker

how much does membership cost? what do I get for my investment?
Dues for all existing members is $80/year. You get more than just refferals from being a part of Corvallis NBG. You join a genuine and supportive community of like-minded individuals that provide encouragement, problem-solving support, and skill-building activities. You also are exposed to a wide variety services and opportunities in the greater Corvallis area opening doors for ongoing possibilities. Yearly dues are due by the first Tuesday of February. New members joining January through April are charged $80, May through August $60, and September through December $40.  
What's the plan for post-covid times?

We plan to continue to have hybrid in-person/Zoom meetings for the forseeable future.